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Koutsomiti - Kounoupa - Red Rock

RATES 2023


Koutsomiti, Kounoupa, Red Rock, Agia Kyriaki & Agios Fokas



1st May - 30th June      | 100,00 / pax

1st July - 31st Aug.         | 130,00 / pax

1st Sept. - 31th Oct.       | 100,00 / pax


7 hours 

11:00 - 18:00

Meeting Point 


Marina of Pera Gialos 

"MERILO" Ferretti Yacht



7 hours 


-Brunch: Cheese and cold cuts platter

- Lunch: Shrimp spaghetti, Salad & Dessert

- Drinks: Bottled Wine, Beers & Refreshments

- Towels, Snorkelling Gear, Back Pack, WC & Shower Facilities, Music, Waterproof phone case , Use of GoPro camera , Sun Awning, Map with extensive info on the landmarks and destinations

- Captain, Sailor, Crew & Fuel 

Cancelation Policy

For all cancellations or changes we require having email notification at

  • Cancellations that will be placed at least 24hours prior departure, Astypalea VIP Yachting offers 100% refund of the down/full payment.

  • For changes that will be placed at least 24hours prior departure there is no extra fees but the new reservation is subject to availability. If there is no availability for the new date or tour then a full refund is applied.

  • For cancellations or changes within 23 hours prior departure  100% of the total cost of the tour is charged as cancellation fees.

Cancellations on befalf of Astypalea VIP Yachting:

Astypalea VIP Yachting reserves the right to cancel the tour due to heavy rain, extreme winds, engine or any other material damage and for any other reason in order to ensure every passengers safety. For all cancellation that will be placed from Astypalea VIP Yachting ,a full refund of the down/payment will be placed.


Trip info

1. We commence our journey at 11am and our first stop is the island of St. Kyriaki with the island of Kounoupa being the final destination. During the trop you are provided with towels, water, refreshments and beer. Estimated time of arrival is 12 (noon) and we stay there until 13.30. At 13.00 we serve you the first light meal which consists of a cheese and cold cuts platter, local rusks (traditional crackers), jam, and dried fruit accompanied by bottled wine, beer and refreshments.  


2. Next stop is the Koutsomitis island with 13.40 being the estimated time of arrival, staying there until 15.00. Here you will cherish the crystal-clear emerald waters by exploring every corner of the island by using the snorkelling gear that is provided for free by the crew. Our yacht is also equipped with a tender (additional boat) which is used to safely transfer you and your personal belongings to the beach.


3.Our next stop is the island of St. Fokas with an estimated time of arrival at 15.20, staying there until 16.00. A short stop is enough to have a change of scenery and enjoy the picturesque beach, which is considered as the best sandy beach that you will find in Astypalea.

4. Last stop the Red Cliff with an estimated time of arrival at 16.15, staying there until 17.30. A unique historical site where submarines used to hide away during the Second World War. Crystal-clear waters, caves and boulders for diving. While you are exploring the surrounding area, our crew is preparing your meal that consists of shrimp spaghetti and salad accompanied by bottled wine, beer, refreshments and of course dessert.





Shared Daily Cruise

Drinks, Snack & Lunch

Ferretti Yacht 19 m 


7 hours 

from 100

the round


Shared Daily Cruise

Drinks, Snack & Lunch

Ferretti Yacht 19 m 


7 hours 

from 140

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