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Most wonderful daytrip with Mike (owner of the beautiful Tholaria Boutique Hotel)

First of all, we had a great stay in the Tholaria Boutique Hotel and Mike and his family and staff took very good care. We recommend it highly! We made 2 daytrips with Mike on his VIP YACHT and it is the perfect and most wonderful cruise to do, to see the great BEAUTY of the sea and the island! The boat leaves 11 am and depending on the shorter south or longer westcoat (even more beautiful) and you will return by 16 or 17 pm at the port. There are even towels provided in the price, drinks and delicous food! IT IS A MUST TO DO IN ASTYPALEA otherwise you have not seen the beauty of this juwel! We had a great and wonderful time and Mike and his crew is doing a great job! Thank you very much Mike, that you made our vacation with this trips even more beautiful!! Kind regards from Switzerland love Ursula and Angelo

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